Cranium Target

The Cranium Target is a ballistic gel target made for outdoor and indoor ranges. It is equipped with strong tape on the back to attach to cardboard sheets that are at the ranges. Cranium Targets are used to see the cavity pattern of a bullet and is a sight to see when using hollow tips.

Made from 10% Ballistic Gel

Take your shooting to the next level with our revolutionary new ballistic gel cranium target! This target is unlike anything you've seen before, offering a unique and exciting shooting experience that will keep you coming back for more.
Crafted with the highest quality ballistic gel, this target accurately simulates living flesh, providing you with a realistic and entertaining shooting experience. The gel material allows you to see exactly where you hit and how the bullet treated the bad guy.

Cranium Case

The perfect addition to to your living room or bedroom, a dazzling back lit acrylic case to to display your cranium target after you shoot it. 

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